TERRELL PARKER - TOWN COUNCIL GODDARD STREET A recent graduate of URI with a B.A. in political science and psychology, Terrell is eager to serve his community as a member of the Town Council. He currently serves as a Commissioner of the Scituate Housing Authority, which oversees the Rockland Oaks senior housing complex. He lives in Hope with his mom and two brothers, both of whom attend Scituate schools. Terrell is committed to ensuring that the town government acts in an open and ethical manner while recognizing that public input and feedback is necessary to ensure good decision making. He supports improving our public schools, and wants to make sure that the town adopts responsible development plans that complement and encourage a sense of community and shared values. “As a Council member, I plan on being a voice for everyone, but especially for our younger families and children who decided to make Scituate their home. I have the energy and enthusiasm to contribute to make our local government more open and transparent, and believe it must do a better job of keeping the community informed through various social media and other technologies. By doing so, we can help people feel part of the process of governing our town.”
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