JOHN TESSITORE - TOWN MODERATOR WHITE BIRCH CIRCLE John seeks to be the next Town Moderator. The moderator presides at the town’s annual financial town meeting, where voters assemble to debate and adopt the town’s annual school and municipal budget. A graduate of Boston College and the State University of New York where he earned his PhD, John was for many years the Executive Editor for the Carnegie Council for Ethic in International Affairs. “My goal in seeking this office is to ensure that voters who attend the financial town meeting are heard, respected, and encouraged to ask questions about the proposed budget. The moderator’s job is to ensure a fair and impartial meeting while assisting, not preventing, motions to be made and voted on.” John and his wife Judith reside in Hope, and are the proud parents of two young women, Ava and Lia, both of whom attended and graduated from the Scituate school system.
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