ACCOUNTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE We pledge to: Answer all constituents in a timely manner Advertise and post all town employment opportunities Always follow and adhere to the state’s Open Meetings and Public Records Act
BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS We pledge to: Make appointments to boards and commission regardless of political affiliation Unite our teachers, administration, and community for stronger schools
COMMUNITY-CENTERED DECISION MAKING We pledge to: Value and consider constituent concerns Care about clean water and our rural environmental Consult with voters on long term tax treaties with the Providence Water Supply Board
MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR: ALICIA ANN KELLEY Scituate is truly a special place in the State of Rhode Island. As stewards of the largest public water system in the region, our characteristics are unique. Residents cherish the rural character of our town and our way of life, and we must work to protect it, while adapting to new needs and challenges that arise. Scituate Democrats are unique as well. As rural Democrats, we have an obligation to be of service to our community while still holding our government representatives accountable across the board. We will continue to fight for our Town's needs, but let’s be clear: we also fight to ensure that we have clear, transparent governmental processes, and to protect the largely residential tax base that we have in Town. The Scituate Democrats have had many successes advocating for residents, students, and taxpayers throughout the years, and we will continue to do so for our neighbors, whether you are from North Scituate, Hope, or Clayville. There is always a seat at our table for those who want to learn more about our local government or get involved, and we are always available if you have a question or wish to volunteer. I hope to hear from you soon!
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