Below is a personal statement from each official


Thank you for your vote, and for your support of a balanced

and transparent government

Mike Marcello - Town Council “Scituate’s government must reflect the values of its citizens and the Town Council must have members who are committed to conducting themselves in an ethical and open manner regardless of the issue. I look forward to applying my knowledge and understanding of municipal government as we move forward into the next decade as one community.”
Carolyn Dias - School Committee (Chair) “I am proud of the work that I have done to improve our district, but the work must continue to build on the successes of the last four years. Experienced and committed leadership is critical during these difficult times, and I will ensure that work gets done in a professional and open environment with input from parents, teachers, students, and administrators.”
Coleen Pendergast - School Committee (Clerk) During her term in office, Coleen has been an outspoken advocate for better schools, career and technical opportunities, and improving our athletic facilities. She has been a driving force for a successful school bond and has demanded accountability of school administrators to ensure that they are serving the best interests of the students in our district.
Kevin Pendergast - School Committee “My experience working as a School Resource Officer has given me a unique perspective into the working of the school department and the needs of our students and faculty. I pledge to continue the hard work of improving our curriculum and giving the dedicated staff the tools that they need to deliver a high quality and affordable educational experience.”
Peg Long - Town Clerk “I love my job as your elected town clerk. While these past six months have been difficult for many, I am proud of my dedicated staff who continue to provide excellent services to the community. The town clerk is an important link between the people and its government, and I will continue to insist on prompt, courteous service, and pledge to serve everyone with respect and decency.”
Joseph DeAngelis - Board of Assessment Joseph DeAngelis was appointed by the Scituate Town Council and will continue to serve the town as he has.
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