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Sacha Hummel “As a long-term resident and local business owner, I know Scituate is a great place to live, but improvements and changes in our government with fresh ideas and perspective are really needed. Too often residents are kept in the dark about major decisions, and I pledge to advocate for open and transparent decision making.”
Deb Archetto “I am running to help improve our community and to ensure that our town government is open and transparent in its decision making. This year has highlighted how quickly things can change, but I am dedicated to working with my Council colleagues to deliver reasonable budgets, essential services, and a government that is accountable and accessible to every voter and resident.”
Mike Marcello “Scituate’s government must reflect the values of its citizens and the Town Council must have members who are committed to conducting themselves in an ethical and open manner regardless of the issue. I look forward to applying my knowledge and understanding of municipal government as we move forward into the next decade as one community.”
William K. Austin “Scituate is my hometown, and in these difficult times, it is important to make sure that everyone is working together to achieve what is best for our community. Running for the Town Council is my way of continuing to serve our community, and bringing a new perspective to ensure proper planning to keep Scituate a stable and affordable community for everyone.”
Terrell Parker “As a Council member, I plan on being a voice for everyone, but especially for our younger families and children who decided to make Scituate their home. I have the energy and enthusiasm to contribute to make our local government more open and transparent, and believe it must do a better job of keeping the community informed through various social media and other technologies. By doing so, we can help people feel part of the process of governing our town.”
Anna Cimini “I’d like to ensure Scituate stays an affordable and desirable place for everyone. The way forward is for all residents to be involved in decision making in planning for Scituate’s future. As a current member of the Land Trust, I have had the pleasure of seeing residents working together to protect open space and fostering conservation on our properties. I’d like to bring that sense of community to the Town Council.”
Don Delaere Jr. “I have spent my entire adult career serving the people of Scituate, and running for Town Council is just a continuation of my commitment to the community and its people who have treated me so well. Decisions need to be made based on what is best for the entire community, and I will resist any effort that injects personalities into our town governance.”
Kevin Pendergast “My experience working as a School Resource Officer has given me a unique perspective into the working of the school department and the needs of our students and faculty. I pledge to continue the hard work of improving our curriculum and giving the dedicated staff the tools that they need to deliver a high quality and affordable educational experience.”
Carolyn Dias (Re-Elect) “I am proud of the work that I have done to improve our district, but the work must continue to build on the successes of the last four years. Experienced and committed leadership is critical during these difficult times, and I will ensure that work gets done in a professional and open environment with input from parents, teachers, students, and administrators.”
Peg Long (Re-Elect) “I love my job as your elected town clerk. While these past six months have been difficult for many, I am proud of my dedicated staff who continue to provide excellent services to the community. The town clerk is an important link between the people and its government, and I will continue to insist on prompt, courteous service, and pledge to serve everyone with respect and decency.”
Pamela Carosi "I have always been involved in Politics since my college years. I believe my work in the business sector has shaped me. Also my many years of volunteering in Rhode Island has shown me that hard work and determination can make a difference. I know its a time for Thoughtful Government."
Joseph DeAngelis Joseph DeAngelis was appointed by the Scituate Town Council and will continue to serve the town as he has. Joseph is running for Board of Assessment unopposed in November.
John Tessitore “My goal in seeking this office is to ensure that voters who attend the financial town meeting are heard, respected, and encouraged to ask questions about the proposed budget. The moderator’s job is to ensure a fair and impartial meeting while assisting, not preventing, motions to be made and voted on.”
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