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WILLIAM K. AUSTIN - TOWN COUNCIL WHITE PINE DRIVE William (Bill) Kinnan Austin has lived in Scituate for 31 years and is seeking a seat on the Town Council, where he plans to use his knowledge as a respected risk manager and insurance consultant to ensure fiscally sound policies and practical data driven decision making. An independent thinker, Bill will ensure that decisions are based on the best interests of the community and resist decisions based on pure politics. Bill earned a BBA degree in marketing from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire before moving east to begin a long career in the finance and insurance industry and eventually heading his own consulting firm, Austin Stanovich Risk Managers LLC. Experienced in strategic planning, multimillion dollar budgeting, and personnel issues, Bill’s business acumen will bring a needed perspective to town affairs. Bill was a member of the North Scituate fire department, where he served as an EMT/Firefighter and finance chairperson. He is also past Chair of St. Joseph’s Building Committee. “Scituate is my hometown, and in these difficult times, it is important to make sure that everyone is working together to achieve what is best for our community. Running for the Town Council is my way of continuing to serve our community, and bringing a new perspective to ensure proper planning to keep Scituate a stable and affordable community for everyone.”
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