No Asset Protection Plan at Scituate School Department | Scituate, Rhode Island Democrats Really Scituate GOP? In their candidate flyer, they assert “Our schools . . .have been our focus” “We continue to provide for asset preservation through a well-managed capital improvement program that will prevent neglect of our town’s assets”

watch The Truth: Under the GOP leadership of the school committee, the Town has not had an approved R.I. Department of Education approved asset protection plan since 2006. The result: The School Department gave up the opportunity for 35%… state re-imbursement of some capital costs incurred during the last ten years!!! Is that what they call “well managed?”

And let’s talk about neglect! All you need to do is go to CAITO FIELD and see its condition to realize there is no plan in place and in fact they are now rushing to make some improvement after years of neglect.

Your remedy is clear: Elect Jean Esposito who has been pushing for not only a capital plan but succeeded in getting the district’s first ever text book replacement policy in place for our District and insisted on long overdue rehabilitation of Manning Field to fix the “outfield dip”. She will continue to make a difference with a different majority.

And don’t forget Carolyn Dias, the Dem-endorsed Independent, who is a former Chief Operating Officer for the Rhode Island Department of Education and oversaw a 1.2 billion dollar budget. Working with a new majority on the school committee, together Scituate Dems will ensure that we get every dime that we are entitled to from the state to shield you form unnecessary tax increases.

Our opponents’ record speaks for itself!! We can’t afford more of their plans!

Stay tuned.